Who is an Employee &
HSA vs 401(k)

Spring 2018

Maintaining a retirement plan for your employees is no easy task. At various points during the year, employers and HR departments field participant questions, help with...

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Navigating Distributions &
Under the New Tax Law

Winter 2018

The first quarter of the calendar year typically sees an uptick in the number of retirement plan distributions and participant loans. This year may be even busier than most, given the relief...

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End of the Year Checklist &
iWork: The Next-Gen Workforce

December 2017

As the year-end approaches, our to-do lists can be lengthy. There are holidays to prepare for, employee performance reviews to complete, and, oh, wait, there is also...

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Fiduciary Rule Round Up &
Houston, We Have a Problem...

September 2017

There has been much upheaval in the retirement world as of late and it centers around the new fiduciary rule. The New Fiduciary Rule means that...

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Benefit Communications
in an Electronic World

April 2017

With communication mediums like email, text, and IM’s becoming the standard in business industries worldwide, plan sponsors are becoming increas-ingly interested in...

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Dealing with
Uncashed Distributions

February 2017

It is estimated that uncashed checks account for billions of dollars, representing a fortune of un-collected funds belonging to plan participants or beneficiaries that they are...

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