Fred S. Shapiro & Associates, Inc. designs, installs and provides annual administrative services for tax-qualified pension and profit sharing plans. These plans are custom-tailored to the needs of the firm's clients, who are referred by accountants, attorneys and numerous financial advisors, including financial planners, life underwriters and stockbrokers.

Plan Design
  • A. Initial, no-obligation interview with client to gather information and discuss possible tax-saving alternatives.
  • B. Analyses including specific recommendations of which type of plan or combination of plans best suit the client's needs. Preparation of proposals is included in new plan design fee.
  • C. Meeting with client and accountant/attorney/advisor to discuss specific plan information.
  • D. Plan Design
    1. 1. Preparation of plan and trust document.
      2. 5300 Series Summary Form
      3. Power of Attorney for Internal Revenue Service
      4. Summary Plan Description
      5. SS-4 filing for administrator and plan identification numbers.
      6. Minutes of adopting new or revised plan.
      7. Notice to Employees
      8. Beneficiary Forms
  • E. Submission of proper forms and trust agreement to Internal Revenue Service.
  • F. Follow-up through plan approval (including initial formal amendments, if any, requested by the Internal Revenue Service).
  • G. Enrollment assistance, communicating plan concepts to employees.
Annual Administrative Functions

  • A. Receipt of census data.
  • B. Determination of contribution limitations for the plan.
  • C. Determine ADP and ACP discrimination testing for non-highly compensated and highly compensated.
  • D. Calculation of Top-heavy Test limitations.
  • E. Actuarial calculations for Defined Benefit Plans.
  • F. Preparation of Internal Revenue Service Form 5500 Series.
  • G. Preparation of Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation forms for Defined Benefit Plans.
  • H. Allocation of net investment account earnings.
  • I. Preparation of benefit statements for plan participants.
  • J. Preparation of required Summary Annual Reports for plan participants.
  • K. Calculation of benefits for a participant who has retired, died, become disabled or terminated.
  • L. Calculation of plan forfeitures, either reallocated to those eligible participants or used to reduce future contributions.
  • M. Assisting with employee presentation, promoting plan concept to employees.
  • N. Meeting at plan year end to deliver annual administrative package, discuss any questions with plan trustees, and develop future goals.
  • Plan Revision

  • A. Analysis of existing plan concepts to determine need for updating and presentation of alternatives.
  • B. Preparation of plan and trust agreement incorporating the terms required by Revenue Ruling Procedure 93-39.
  • C. Submission of revised plan and all accompanying forms to Internal Revenue Service (See top for details)
  • D. Follow-through with the Internal Revenue Service until revisions are accepted.
  • E. Preparation of revised Summary Plan Description.
  • Plan Termination

  • A. Preparation of Official Notice to Employees of intent to terminate.
  • B. Preparation of all necessary forms to be filed with government agencies (varies as to type of plan).
  • C. Obtaining approval to distribute plans assets to participants.
  • D. Calculation of pro-rata distributions.
  • E. Filing of final 5500 Series Forms.